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Committee CI

Committee Identity Design Introduction


These Design Guidelines define the basic design intent and specific applications of the overall CI system of the Committee. It is critical to accurately understand the Guidelines and strictly adhere to the provisions to efficiently manage and use the CI system.

The Guidelines comprise the basic system and the application system. The basic system provides specific guidance regarding the design elements of the Committee's CI, including the logo, color palette, and identifier combinations. The application system stipulates examples and recommendations of the use of the Committee's CI for stationery, signage, and promotions and advertising.

No part of these Guidelines may be arbitrarily changed or modified. If you have any questions regarding the interpretation of the provisions in the Guidelines, make sure to consult with the person in charge. If the need to amend or complement the provisions arises, such a case must be closely studied and reviewed by the person in charge in advance.

Committee Identity Design Concept

The Presidential Committee on Northern Economic Cooperation is a government agency directly responsible to the President and charged with planning, implementing, and supporting the Korean government's New Northern Policy. The logo of the Committee is a primary identifier that employs the symbols of the globe and the map of Eurasia. The globe represents its intention to reinforce diplomatic ties and economic cooperation on the international front, while the map of Eurasia with the Korean Peninsula in the center stands for the Korean government's New Northern Policy.

The color palette consists of blue and light green. Blue represents the blue ocean and is aimed at communicating a reliable, trustworthy, and innovative image. Light green used as an accent color stands for the new energy to be injected into our country through northern economic cooperation, harmony, balance, peace, and good judgment.

The logotype was set in Gothic font, which delivers an organized and stable image, to visually impart the authority of the Committee as an agency directly responsible to the President and enhance trust in the Committee’s members.